Outstanding Service Award

The Outstanding Service Award is presented by the San Francisco Neurological Society in recognition of longstanding service and support of SFNS activities.

Award recipients include:

steven holtz

Steven J. Holtz accepts the 2018 Outstanding Service Award

2019 - Suketu Khandhar
2018 - Steven J. Holtz
2017 – Oscar Abeliuk
2016 – Eric Collins
2015- Robyn Young
2014 – Eric Denys
2013- Jack Rozance



2020 Resident Scholarship awards

Stanford Neurology: Dr. Rebecca Levy
Stanford Neurosurgery: Dr. Derek Yecies
UC Davis Neurology: Dr. Wentao Li
UC Davis Neurosurgery: Dr. Seun Omofoye
UCSF Neurology: Dr. Meredith Bock
UCSF Neurosurgery: Dr. Ramin Morshed

2020 Young Investigator awards

Child Neurology: Dr. Jennifer Quon, Stanford Neurosurgery resident
Automatic detection and classification of posterior fossa tumors on multi-institutional magnetic resonance imaging using deep learning

Hanbery: Dr. John F. Burke, UCSF Neurosurgery resident
The impact of smoking on outcomes following surgery for grade 1 lumbar spondylolisthesis

Rosegay: Dr. Jacob S. Young, UCSF Neurosurgery resident
The Glioma-Neuronal Interface: Relationship Between Histology, Tumor Genetics, and Intratumoral Function

Newman: Dr. Prashanth Sriram Ramachandran, UCSF Neurology fellow
Improving Tuberculous Meningitis Diagnostics - A Combined Host and Pathogen Classifier

Boldrey: Dr. Ignacio Saez, UC Davis Neurological Surgery
Dissociable oscillatory networks support gain and loss processing in human orbitofrontal cortex

2019 SFNS Annual Young Investigator Awards

young investigators

Left to right: Leslie Gillum, MD, MPH; Rebecca Jeannette Levy, MD; Allen Ho, MD; Andrew Kai-Hong Chan, MD; Adam MacLellan, MD; Gordon Li, MD


The John Hanbery Award

The John Hanbery award is presented each year to the author of the best clinical paper covering topics in neurosurgery.

The Edwin Boldrey Award

The Edwin Boldrey award is intended to recognize a research project in neuroscience.

The Henry Newman

The Henry Newman award is given annually to the best paper dealing with clinical neurology.

The Harold Rosegay Award

The Harold Rosegay award is given annually to the best clinical paper covering topics in neurosurgical anatomy, history and clinical practice.


Past Award Recipients

Henry Newman Award

Edwin Boldrey Award

John Hanbery Award

Harold Rosegay Award